Manual Therapy & Massage 

Manual therapy includes massage alongside passive and dynamic stretching. Massage is important for a number of reasons; not only is it therapeutic but it allows a full evaluation and palpation of the patient. During massage there is an increase in circulation, reducing muscle adhesion's, decreasing muscle spasms and a release of endorphins occurs.  Massage gives an important overall picture of the animal and can be a useful tool to discover any other complex issues which may be occurring. It is also a great way to initially bond with the animal creating a more relaxed treatment environment. The initial massage prepares the patient for any further stretching or range of movement exercises. 

Hand in hand with manual therapy comes rehabilitation exercises. I prescribe carefully considered exercise programs to suit your animal and review these often to ensure progression in a sustainable manner. 


Phototherapy comes in the form of 'red light' and 'blue light'. Both are beneficial in wound healing with blue light having an antibacterial effect at a superficial level and red light stimulating epithelial cells, reducing scar tissue and therefore can help to prevent proud flesh. 

Red light therapy has also been shown to release endorphins when used over acupuncture points as well as an increase in vasodilation. Phototherapy is frequently used in treatment sessions to aid massage and it can also be used to treat issues such as mud fever, rain scald, post operative wounds and muscle adhesion's. 


PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy influences cell behaviour by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell. PEMF has been shown to be incredibly effective for pain relief and also in fracture repair. It also improves circulation, oxygen take up and membrane permeability. As well as fractures it is beneficial to treat muscle spasms and chronic conditions alongside pain management


TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and NMES (neuromuscular electrostimulation) are two types of electrostimulation therapy on offer. They are used primarily for; 

  • Pain relief by blocking the pain signal 

  • Stimulation of muscle 

  • Promotion of tissue repair 

It is used alongside manual therapy in rehabilitation cases or in maintenance treatments. It can be used in both small animals and horses.