What is Animal Physiotherapy? 

Animal Physiotherapy is a complementary therapy which encompasses a number of non invasive techniques. Science based, animal physiotherapy is practiced alongside veterinary care to aid recovery or treatment in either musculoskeletal or neurological ailments. 

Animal Physiotherapy is good for all animals,  beneficial in the following situations; post operative care and injury rehabilitation, performance issues, changes in behaviour and general well being. The aims of animal physiotherapy are to; 

  • Reduce pain 

  • Regain full joint range of movement 

  • Restore and enhance strength 

  • Regain full functionality 

  • To implement a sustainable program to avoid re injury 

How to tell if my animal is going to benefit from physiotherapy 

There are many issues that can be helped by the practice of physiotherapy and the signs that your horse or dog may be in need include, but are not limited to; 

  • A deterioration in performance or difficulty in completing everyday activities or movements

  • Muscular asymmetry including atrophy of specific muscles

  • Difficulty performing particular movements in training or competition 

  • Obvious stiffness 

  • In horses; uneven hoof wear or regularly pulling shoes 

  • In horses; bucking, rearing, bolting, biting when being rugged or tacked up. 

Caroline works with a number of different vets, both small animal and equine. If there is anything that suggests there is a deeper routed problem then she will work alongside your vet in order to get a diagnosis and full treatment plan. 

Image by Elisa Pitkänen